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Solar – The Power Surge
Also, a leader in the renewable energy field, Reid Heating & Energy, Inc. has extensive experience and a long-standing reputation for quality installations of solar domestic hot water, solar pool heating and the ongoing surge in the popularity of solar electric - photovoltaic power.
Photovoltaic - Solar electric power is an exciting and growing industry within the renewable energy field that is literally powering the future. Power generated from a residential or commercial solar electric system can be used to offset your usage and “spin” your meter backwards. Rebate programs currently available can pay for a significant portion of the cost of a solar electric system.
Domestic Hot Water – Heating your water for everyday use from the sun is a good option particularly for large families who use a lot of hot water. Some boilers can be installed “solar ready” to work with your space heating system.
Swimming Pool Heating - Millions of pool owners agree: a warm pool is a pool that gets used. Solar is still the best option for cost-effective pool heating. At RH&E, we have a long satisfied client list that represents years of quality service and installations.
Reid Heating & Energy, Inc. specializes in designing and installing fully integrated systems that use solar as their primary or supplementary heating source. On some radiant heating applications, we can incorporate solar and literally heat your house with the sun. We can design a system that will heat your home in the winter and pool in the summer and provide domestic hot water year round.

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